♦   2-3 distinct poses for every child

   Siblings photographed separately and together

♦   Package pricing $28-$100 (package pricing not available for web orders)

   The school will receive a free portrait collage of all the children photographed

♦     Free Staff portraits and 25% off for staff children, 50% off for the Director.

♦   The school will receive a 10% rebate of sales 

♦   Proofs available for viewing within 1 week of portrait day

♦   Delivery of portrait orders 2-3 weeks following sales event

♦   Customized web gallery (available for viewing and purchases following the sales event)

   ◊ Heavenly Scenes Photography is striving for complete customer satisfaction, and we will do our very best to meet any special requests.

     Thank you for considering my business to shoot your preschool or daycare center. I am so grateful to God for opening doors for me and giving me the courage to step out on faith and provide this service to the many customers I have come to know and care for.